jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2011

What you thought you were going to find...Qué creías que ibas a encontrar...

What you thought you were going to find ...

What idea you had of my
before of k ...nowing me ,
of breathing me
of having me ...
What you thought
you were going to find,
by where to was flying
your imagination
in what place of
your dreams
your placed me...
To more fantasies,
more disappointment
to more legends
more true stories
hitting your pain ...
I am this, and if you do not see
an attractive world inside me
to enter,
closes the door of my being,
do not talk to the destination ...
You're not the hero of
a Greek tragedy,
nor I heroin
We are only two lives,
who are afraid to join,
trying to understand each other,
doubters ...
Your illusions and my dreams,
beautify the imagination
but look into my eyes,
I am this that do not defied
the plan of the gods
or the fate would
in an attempt to fury
twist ...
I'm made of bread
freshly baked
I have body odor a mass homemade
and sometimes I get
the dark circles,
because at night
sleep has left me ...
I have many insecurities,
as enclosed anguish,
I have so much fear,
like any mortal
who fears for his soul ...
But I do know that the face of adversity
my being takes flight
in search of peace ...
I can not stand the chains
of any kind that they are,
the freedom and love is my slogan
then the rest is so simple,
like get to fly ...

Autorship: Raquel Norma Smerkin Ritman
Traducción e imágen : Norma Papinutti...

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