viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011

Tell me God... Dime Dios

Tell me God ...
Rachel Norma Smerkin Roitman
Tell me God,
how I do
to compos ...e
of unarmed?
how to compose
without joint?
If you created everything,
how you did
to make love?
To choose
parts of the feeling
and at what point
you stopped to give
that touch of
sublime silence?
Tell me your God
you know everything,
I build these pieces
that my hands are
insecure, fearful,
immature ...
trembling with emotion?
Tell me your God
what to do with the ephemeral,
sad, vulgar,
where is what
went to look for love?
who filled you with such peace?
something or someone
before your being?
something where I can
order not to perish in doubt,
and to rebuild my splits,
I sink into the incensatez?
Tell me God ...
if anyone or anything above you
in its beauty and goodness,
Reveal your identity ethereal
I'll urgent
to join its magnificence
not to fall into the confusion
anymore ...
Tell me God ...
I can answer
who or what I turn
to overcome my weakness?
Authorship: Norma Raquel Smerkin Roitman

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