viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011

Today only ask for wisdom... Hoy sólo pido sabiduría...

Today only ask for wisdom ...

Today only ask for wisdom,
such a permanency wort ...hy
that leaves the good
that harmony necessary
to put all
into place ...
Today only ask for the gift
of to possess the magic
of good action,
keep me
in the medium point
on prudence
that the heart needs
not to fall into the betrayal ...
I do not want to betray
my principles for a crust,
for a little bread and water
kneel down me and bear the yoke,
I want my dignity
be my banner always
today I just want wisdom
to be able with the arms
and open soul
to everyone who respects me
and want to .., be able to love
Today just for today
I want to be perfect
in my humanity ...
Today only ask for wisdom,
end the hypocrisy,
purify me in my desires
be able to look straight
to heaven and without fear,
bereft of selfishness
today only ask for wisdom
for to beat me in my sensing
each day more.....

Autorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman
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De: Norma B Papinutti traducción del español e imágen

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