lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2011

Magic and art... Magia y arte...

Magic and art ...

If one day the magic decays,
disappear from corners
of all so ...uls,
if you can not find home
where to remain,
to then go out to show off
his gifts, your brush strokes ...
The art will go with her
Magic and art are brothers
of one mother,
magic and art were conceived
with the same ideals ...
the same mother they gave birth
for man
of them flaunt ...
Mystery is the name of it
mother of these two beauties
that going through life giving
the subtle version of the
human nature ...
Always united in their expression
give the world its vision,
the sublime sorceries
of those who enjoying creation ...
While your matrix is still alive,
will follow this harmonious blend
giving us the energy
that beautifies the soul,
giving light to the heart ...
Magic and art always
united to his mysterious mother ...
It will be impossible to separate

Authorship: Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman
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Traducción al español e imágen: Norma Papinutti...

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