lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011

Let yourself be touched by my word...

Let yourself be touched by my word ...  1/08/2011

My word has fingers, has hands, has vein ...s, blood, and flying seagulls, because ... My word touches you, tightens the skin, caress you ... My word is flying at you like wings flapping on its way to find close to my thoughts ... My word is wind, it is sea, lark, is a landscape of summer, winter landscape ... When it see yourself in the distance goes hasty, because my word climbing mountains, crossing rivers, jumping cliffs ... always reach you, wherever you are, whatever you do ... My word touches you and leaves marks, sometimes it paint you with a brush the color of hope, sometimes bordering your profile giving you different shade ... My word is fast and wide, my word touches you and becomes in your being when it come as a spear to your soul ... because ... my words touch you, can touch and love the words ... Beyond the paper, beyond speech, become flesh and grow shedding meanings always embellish ... Let yourself be touched by my word ...     

Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman
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