jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

Stage of Being...

Stage of Being ...

This is the world we see,

we can perceive
with the senses,

this is the world of pleasure,

of time,of past,

and of the imagined future ...

Its boundaries are on the horizon,

on the shores of the beach

when we spotted until where

they arrive ships that they disappearing

of our gazes ...

We know that beyond

all this,

There is another parallel world

that do not have time nor space,

is built with our longings.

do not have limits more than

the we we put ,

its layout is within us,

and control of their guidelines

are imposed by our heart ...

It would be sad to check

that there is not beyond

another parallel world that we would expect to

when we want to transit by ...

But certainly something there, because

we perceive it with the eyes of the soul,

it feel part of our espíritu,

and as a shooting star

that when we are we neglect

of our being will we go...

But I returns to traverse

with his spiritual strength

and their desire to exist and persist,

the confines of eternity ...

We know that when the time comes

to leave this earthly world,

this other parallel universe that we it will receive

so there we remain,

so ethereals, so ineffable,

no body, only our souls

will inhabit it.

Metaphysical world, a world which

is not for the senses

not for the perceived and known,

but so that our spirits

are introduce into their

mysterious labyrinths,

for being in him for a, without time

drink the energies of the universe

and thus be able to resurrect in a dream of

freedom ...

no home, no owner,

without selfishness, nameless,

only with the energy of being

that is adds to the universal power,

for to transcend and

get rid of your individuality ...

Oh parallel world, uncertain,

intuited, unknown,

enigmatic and strongly beloved,

it would be if I would not know that

you're there, waiting for me on the shore

of this life!

I know in my last hour

you will come to release my be

of this perceptible world,

accessible, passable by this body,

that you will find in thee,

a without space,a without time,

in order to preserve its essence,

and return to live in another stage

of his own being ...

Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman
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De: Norma B Papinutti traducción del español e imágen.

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