jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

I go around my path

I go around my path ...

I go around my path,

slowly, unhurriedly,
meeting so many moments,

to enjoy,

to mourn,

to remember

to forget ...

And the love that reaches me

in each experienced situation,

in each emotion shared,

search path

constant, where the soul

wanted to fly through the windows,

to find answers

of illusions, lost

and won ...

No matter failing

to be the best,

be the most prominent princess

in this tale of realities

sometimes sad, sometimes wiser ...

I go around my path ...

I imagine it as a forest

full of animals and trees,

clambering my being the landscape,

looking to how go out

of ambushes

that in land were hidden ...

to a paper,to a pen,

that not I refused ever

I wrote up until in the moments

most crucial,

I did not overcame the grievances,

nor the detractors,

nor the cowards ...

I go around my path

and within my fears

I was brave,

because I kept on being what I am,

even though many want

that I change ...

This is my journey,

I recognize it in each step,

I'd do it again

I do not regret of exist

of this form authentic

I prefer being so,

because in this sea of impotencies,

own and others'

ending covering the waves

and between sighing you drown ...

I go around my path ...

which I traced with my being,

because I built my destiny ...

Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman
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